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Disaster Policies

Admission Policy And Registration During an Emergency Event
Alternate Care Site Agreement Policy
Alternate Site Assessment Tool 1 Site Capabilities
Alternate Care Site Selection & Assessment Matrix
Alternate Care Site Transportation
Alternate Utilities Policy
Annual Evaluation for Emergency Management Policy
Authority During Emergencies Policy
Backup Communications Policy
Clinical Activities Management During Emergencies
Clinical Services for Vulnerable Patients Policy
Codes - Staff Notification of Emergency Responses
Communication of Patient Information
Communication with Alernate Care Site
Communication with Media Polciy
Communication with Patients n Family Policy
Communication with Purveyors Polciy
Community Security Policy
Community-Wide Emergency Response Command
DECON Procedures
Disaster Participation Notice
Doctor Response to Emergency
Employee Recall and Notification Plan
Exercise-Emergency Mgt Exercises Policy
Exercise-Evaluation Review Policy
Exercise-Influx of Patients Policy
Exercise-Modification of EO Plan Policy
Exercise-Monitoring Policy
Facility Damage Assessment Procedure
Hand Held Radio Policy
Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Policy
Hazardous Material Handling Policy
HICS Chart
HICS Definitions of Command Structure
HICS Orgaizational Chart
HVA with Community Policy
Identification of Staff During Emergency
Initiation and Termination for Response Policy
Labor Pool Policy
Leadership Involvement in EM Planning
LIP Emergency Privileges Policy
Mental Health Services for Patients Policy
Mitigation Preparation Response n Recovery Policy
Mortuary Services Policy
Mutual Aid Agreements Policy
Notification of Authorities Policy
Oxygen Conservation Protocol
Patient Tracking Policy
Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Policy
Preparedness for Managing Patients
Preparedness for Managing Staff Policy
Preparedness for Resources & Assests
Resources & Assets Inventory Policy
Resources & Assets Monitoring Policy
Resources & Assets Sharing Policy
Response Implementation Policy
Secure Operations Procedure
Security & Safety Policy
Security Preparedness
Staff Assigned Roles Policy
Staff Families Management Policy
Staff Support Management Policy
Supplies Management Policy
Sustainability Policy
Traffic Control Plan
Volunteer Licensed Staff Policy
Volunteer LIP Privileges Policy